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Originally developed for the NASA space exploration programs, polymer coatings have since been used successfully in various commercial and industrial applications. In 1979, Polymer Dynamics Inc. (PolyDyn) developed PolyDyn Performance Coatings, the finest performance engine coatings and applications available for automotive and racing engine components, as well as many industrial applications. We’re committed to research and development – continually offering new products and serving the needs of customers just like you.

With decades of experience, PolyDyn has provided radically advanced coating techniques and engineered coatings solutions through the entire spectrum of racing and engine components. Our customers consist of the biggest names in stock car and drag racing, including the NHRA, NASCAR, Nextel Cup, SCCA, CART, IRL, World of Outlaws and IROC.

PolyDyn Performance Coatings are proven in track competitions and are unmatched by any other performance engine coating. Though PolyDyn Performance Engine Coatings are applied to ensure that a .0002" to .0007" overbuild remains on the surface, the product also boasts many additional benefits. PolyDyn fluoropolymers become part of the coated materials' surface: .005" to 0.50" actual penetration, depending on the material. While some overbuild can be removed, it is virtually impossible to extract a polymer from the pores of the metal to which it is applied. Consequently, PolyDyn coatings will last nearly indefinitely. We also offer pre-coated Performance Parts for your application needs.

Industrial applications for PolyDyn Coatings include oilfield manufacturers, robotics, petrochemical, weapons, biomedical, gas turbines, aerospace and more. CONTACT US for more information.

PolyDyn TX7™ Friction Reducing Treatments are revolutionary Treatments that coat vital engine parts and other moving parts of the drive train that drastically reduces friction and heat. Add years to the life of your automobile, increase its efficiency and reduce maintenance costs with an application of TX7 Treatment. You’ll see the difference!

The IROC Years - The International Race of Champions, or IROC, was conceived in 1973 as a way to answer one simple question:  who is the best driver in the world? Some called it an All-Star Game, others referred to it as The Ultimate Test of Driving Skill – but to PolyDyn, we saw it a little differently. We believe it was a Proving Ground for some of the best technology ever designed to enhance the performance of automobile engines.