For the highest performance pre-coated bearings, look no further than PolyDyn – where we apply our uniquely-formulated Dry-Film Lubricant coating to all of our high-performance bearings. Our DL coatings boast excellent anti-scuffing properties beneath all conditions. The coating also increases oil retention to protect against intense heat and extreme pressure. This protection dramatically reduces bearing wear and flaking and adds an extra level of lubricant to the bearing, which protects from heat build up and excessive wear.

PolyDyn's high-performance bearings are created for durability and reliability in all extreme racing conditions. No other bearing performs like a PolyDyn high-performance coated bearing. To obtain the highest quality bearing while saving time and money, forget the hassle and shipping costs associated with sending your bearing to us to have coated. Instead, order pre-coated high-performance bearings direct from the PolyDyn inventory. PolyDyn high-performance coated bearings boast lubrication benefits and durability enhancements. Simply stated – our high-performance coated bearings provide insurance for the bottom end.

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