PolyDyn high-performance pistons feature our industry-exclusive ceramic piston coating technology, providing impressive strength and efficiency due to the enhanced structural integrity of the piston dome. This superior coating technology results in pistons with increased longevity. PolyDyn is scientifically formulated to maintain the same coefficient of expansion as the base metal to which it is applied. It also protects and insulates to maintain the structural integrity of the piston and reduce potential engine failure.

Because PolyDyn protects the piston from heat and evenly distributes heat through the combustion chamber, PolyDyn custom pistons allow for more efficient flame travel. And more efficient flame travel leads to more power. And because PolyDyn's heat-insulating polymers reduce heat saturation, PolyDyn pistons can claim a lower level of heat saturation. This results in a piston that harnesses more heat in the combustion chamber – allowing more fuel, less timing and more power. Order your custom pre-coated piston direct through PolyDyn and save both time and money. PolyDyn features special coatings for various piston surfaces, including the top, skirts, pin bore or underside. No other piston performs, or is as durable, as a PolyDyn high-performance piston.

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