Oil Pan and Windage Tray


PolyDyn offers internal and external coatings on oil pans. We use our Performance Oil-Shedding Coatings on the inside of the oil pan, which sheds oil from coated surfaces to reduce oil retention. Oil pans coated with PolyDyn Performance Oil-Shedding Coatings cycle oil through the engine more efficiently. Oil slides off the sides of the pan and does not collect on the bottom. Additionally, PolyDyn Performance Oil-Shedding Coatings can also be applied to the windage tray. Such an application helps oil to return to the oil pan more efficiently and uniformly – oil effortlessly slides off the windage tray instead of running and/or dripping off.

PolyDyn coats the outer surfaces of the oil pan with Performance Urethane Coating – the high gloss, extremely durable, corrosion-resistant coatings. These coatings are designed to protect and enhance the appearance of the components to which they are applied. PolyDyn Urethanes are available in an extensive selection of colors to suit any client.

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