PolyDyn offers two types of piston coatings: Ceramic Piston Coating and Dry-Film Piston Skirt Coating. Both protect and drastically increase longevity to the piston.

PolyDyn Performance Ceramic Piston Coating

PolyDyn ceramic piston coating not only protects the piston, but it makes the piston stronger and more efficient by significantly enhancing the structural integrity of the piston dome. PolyDyn HS is scientifically formulated to maintain the same coefficient of expansion as the base metal to which it is applied. The product also protects and insulates to maintain structural integrity and to reduce potential engine failure. If that weren't impressive enough, PolyDyn HS not only protects the piston from heat, but it evenly distributes heat through the combustion chamber – allowing for more efficient flame travel. The result? The HS's extreme heat insulating polymers reduce heat saturation into the piston, which maintains more heat in the combustion chamber. This allows more fuel and less timing, thus building more power.

PolyDyn Performance Dry-Film Piston Skirt

PolyDyn RP piston skirt coating is a ceramic reinforced dry-film lubricant with a low affinity for oil. The coating protects the piston skirt from heat, friction and wear – resulting in a reduction of parasitic drag, while decreasing heat saturation into the piston skirt. RP enhances the lubricity between the skirt and the cylinder wall – reducing galling and wear of the piston assembly and increasing the engine's longevity. The benefit results in an increased rapid acceleration without damage to the piston.

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