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Since 1979, PolyDyn Performance Coatings have been protecting and enhancing vital engine parts with their unique and innovative engine coatings. The company's polymer coatings protect from heat saturation, reduce friction – and in most cases, strengthen the component and make it more efficient.

PolyDyn also caught the attention of the International Race of Champions (IROC). Until the recent retirement of IROC from racing, PolyDyn was the official engine treatment and coating of the IROC. PolyDyn was proud to sponsor for 15 years, making PolyDyn the longest-standing supporter of the IROC. A car in the IROC wouldn’t touch the track without PolyDyn performance coatings on their side.

The PolyDyn Coatings Collection

PolyDyn Performance Coatings are advanced polymers utilized in various ways on different engine components to protect and enhance performance. Several different coatings exist for a variety of applications.

PolyDyn Performance Ceramic Coatings are the most notable of the coatings. PolyDyn Ceramic Coatings are polymer composites with insulating ceramics designed to significantly reduce heat transfer and saturation. PolyDyn Ceramics are effective on cylinder heads, valve faces, intake mainiolfd, piston, headers and exhaust.

PolyDyn Performance Oil-Shedding Coatings shed oil from coated surfaces – reducing oil retention and parasitic drag. As a result of reduced oil retention, windage-related power loss is virtually eliminated. PolyDyn Oil-Shedding Coatings can be applied to piston skirts, crankshafts, oil pans and windage trays, as well as to the runners of intake manifolds to reduce drag and increase air flow.

PolyDyn Performance Dry-Film Lubricant Coatings boast excellent anti-scuffing properties in all conditions. The coatings are specifically designed to retain engine oil on the component surfaces during intense heat and extreme pressure. PolyDyn DL Coatings can be applied to piston skirts, bearings, valve train components, transmission gears, drive shaft yoke and drive plates.

PolyDyn Performance Urethane Coatings are durable, high-gloss, corrosion-resistant coatings – designed to protect and enhance the appearance of high-visibility components. PolyDyn Urethanes are available in a large selection of colors and can be used nearly anywhere. They are most often applied to oil pans and the top of intake manifolds.

PolyDyn Performance Corrosion Resistant Coatings protect automobile metal surfaces from corrosion. Whether applied on magnesium components, chassis members, fuel parts or intake manifolds, there's no better way to protect the surface of your performance components.

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